May 14

World Enduro Championship Rounds 1 & 2 Talca, Chile, South America March 24th /25th

World Enduro Championship Rounds 1 & 2

Talca, Chile, South America
March 24th /25th

The long awaited start to the 2012 World Enduro season got underway on 24th / 25th March. A long flight of over 14 hours saw the riders arrive to a hot and dry area of Talca, Chile, South America. This would be Alex Rockwell’s first full season of competing in the World Enduro Championship with backing from the Husaberg Factory race team. The bikes and spares arrived in wooden crates and were delivered to the paddock by lorry ready for the mechanics to assemble.

The Friday night Super Test went well for Alex who recorded 2nd in his class.

Saturday saw the riders leave the centre of Talca and head for the steep surrounding hills where the real event would start in the difficult, hard, dusty terrain. The extreme test proved to be the Midwest Husaberg riders’ best test where Alex set times regularly in the top 6 of his class. The enduro test was really hard with huge descents to tackle and this hampered Alex when he lost sight in the dust and went off course ending up down a gully where he was stuck for nearly 6 minutes. Alex fought on through the heat and dust to salvage a 13th position in class and gain some World Championship points.

Day 2 saw Alex, now more familiar with the terrain, determinedly ride to a solid 10th position in his class and gain more experience and points in the Enduro World Championship.

On reflection a tough start to the World Enduro Championship and riding with a broken rib from a crash at the BESC the week previous.

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