Mar 11

2012 British Sprint Enduro Championship – Round 1 & 2

2012 British Sprint Enduro Championship – Round 1 & 2

The long awaited start to the 2012 Enduro season got underway on 11/12th February with the BESC at Aldershot in Hampshire. Over night temperatures dropping to -11 degrees and a blanket of snow gave the riders plenty to think about. The event had attracted factory riders from all over the world such as Jonny Aubert, Taddy Blazusiak & Ricky Dietrich to come and test themselves against the UK’s top enduro riders.

In the Under 23 class, which proved to be the fastest group, the battle commenced where it left off last year with the trio of Alex Rockwell on his Midwest Husaberg, Danny McCanney and Jonny Walker. They set some of the fastest overall times of the weekend beating all of the established UK top Elite enduro riders and mixing it with the KTM Factory riders of Aubert and Blazusiak.

Day 2 some the saw the same trio of under 23 riders again beat everyone else and Alex Rockwell leading all day until the last test.

Overall Results

Alex Rockwell - Under 23 Class 2nd

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